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March 14 - 15, 2017


Your one-stop shop to get updated on all things digital from pay-to-play digital media to content marketing to the future of marketing technology.


digital-media-marketing-venn-diagramYou are a savvy, results-driven marketing leader and digital expert. Don’t you wish you had a one-stop shop for digital tech trends? A place where you could get up to speed with travel marketing, new digital platforms, services, paid opportunities and digital media? An event where you could connect with all the right people?

We, too, saw this gaping hole for education and connections in the travel industry.

That’s why we created eTourism LABS. Here, you can learn, get inspired and get the tools to do even more innovative work.

Created by Travel Expert

eTourism LABS was created by Jake Steinman, the producer of the leading travel marketing conference – eTourism Summit and the founder and CEO of North American Journeys (NAJ). Jake brings decades worth of experience in travel marketing, networking events and digital media to Philadelphia for the third annual eTourism LABS, March 14 – 15, 2017.

Jake and the eTourism LABS advisory team have done the work for you to find the top leaders, curate the most critical topics and create opportunities to make powerful connections.

Immersive Two Day Dive

eTourism LABS is an immersive two day dive into Video Storytelling and Digital Advertising  and Marketing applied to Content Marketing with a third 3rd Training Track for DMO’s and attractions who are transitioning from traditional marketing to digital.


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