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March 14 - 15, 2017

FAQs: eTourism Summit vs eTourism LABS

FAQs: Differences Between eTourism Summit and eTourism LABS

Q: I’ve attended eTourism Summit, why should I attend eTourism LABS As Well?  How do the two events differ? The question has probably crossed your mind.

A:  We get it – you don’t want to hear the same information twice.  But here’s a bold claim: We believe it will be worth your time to attend eTourism LABS, even if you have been to eTourism Summit in the past or plan on attending it in the same year.

Q: Why?

Because eTourism LABS is different from eTourism Summit and provides tons of valuable information on the newest, hottest paid media and their application in the travel industry. Take a look at the three key differences between the events and the impressions from those who have attended both.

1.  eTourism LABS takes you on a MUCH deeper dive into the practical aspects of paid digital advertising.Think of it as an eTourism Summit 2.0.

While eTourismSummit covers digital marketing ideas and tactics you can implement on your own, eTourism LABS is focused on paid forms of digital marketing for all platforms: Video creation and distribution, search, social, influencer, native, content marketing, and more. Plus, eTourism LABS covers advanced tech-y topics — programmatic marketing, predictive analysis, cross-device targeting — in a way that makes it understandable and affordable. To get results with these powerful tools, you need expert help. And that’s why…

2.  eTourism LABS curates the best “solution providers” in the field because we know you don’t have time to meet with everyone who is trying to sell you.  

Evaluating the bewildering variety of independent technology providers to facilitate your marketing campaigns is daunting. At eTourism LABS, relationship building doesn’t happen in a “listen-to-my-pitch-for-45-minutes” format. We don’t allow sales pitches and we don’t charge anyone to present. Instead, we conduct due diligence by obtaining references and intelligence about vendors from DMOs who used them successfully before we invite them and, in many cases, the DMO or attraction will co-present in a case study format that allows you to talk face-to-face with your peers about the best solution providers.

3.  eTourism LABS is an ideal place to expose your agencies about the newest forms of digital advertising and how they are working for clients like you. 

Because eTourism LABS offers a focus on paid digital trends, your agencies will appreciate the insights from the DMOs and other agencies. Meanwhile, the case studies and actionable content will show them exactly which tactics to use and what results to expect.

A Bonus: Special Training Track for Newbies!

Day One includes a full day track (available as a one day “à la carte” option) of the industry’s only line-up of topics (created in collaboration with DMAI) designed for traditional marketing staff who are transitioning to their digital department.

We’re Dedicated to Helping You Advance Your Career

We are committed to bringing you content and connections that will help advance your career. knowing that going forward, every travel organization leader will require an understanding of digital marketing to select the right vendors and strategies. Investing in digital media training is a necessity that will help position you and your organization at the forefront of the travel industry.

What Attendees Say

Finally, here are a few words from those who have attended both events:

“Where eTourism excels at giving you the knowledge and tools of how to execute digital marketing for tourism brands, eTourism LABS teaches you why it’s important to be a savvy digital marketer. Fans of big data, analytics and advertising metrics will be in heaven at eTourism LABS as they learn how to increase ROI, track audience behavior and adjust their marketing strategy with the most cutting-edge technology available.”  Amy Zeigler, Digital Marketing Manager, Travel Iowa


“Both eTourism Summit and eTourism LABS are great events. There’s not another conference in the niche that provides such a variety of content and speakers in such an intimate setting.  The best qualities of the events, the content, is also what sets them apart from one another. Despite the fully loaded schedule and plethora of speakers, each conference‘s agenda is 100% unique. New content, new case studies, and great information.”  Josh Williams, Digital Marketing Director, Visibility and Conversions


“eTourism LABS was more concentrated on paid media [compared to eTourism Summit] and seemed to be one big brainstorming session on how to make it more efficient.” Katie Meckley, Marketing Manager, Lee County CVB