Track 1: Digital Media Strategies – eTourism Labs
March 14 - 15, 2017

Track 1: Digital Media Strategies

14 Mar 2017


Continental networking breakfast.


 (Tentative Agenda, Subject to Change.  Last update 3/10/17. (i) = Invited speaker, not yet confirmed.)

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TRACK 1: SEM Strategies

Still the workhorse of every campaign, search marketing continues to become more complex and expensive. Presenter: Korena Keys, CEO, KeyMedia Solutions

Korena Keys

Track 1: Facebook/Instagram Strategies

The Most Productive Facebook/Instagram Campaigns by Budget Size. Sometimes the size of your budget doesn’t really matter if you have creativity and imagination. Here are three campaigns that have performed beyond their budgetary expectations.

  • Under $5,000 – Florian Herrmann, CEO, HMS Global
  • Under $25,000 – Brian Bossuyt, Director of Digital Marketing, Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau
  • Under $50,000 – TBD


Brian Bossuyt
Florian Herrmann

Track 1: What are the Latest Digital Media Trends that Tourism Marketers Need to Know About?

A panel of three agency experts discuss the current state of the following digital media options:

  • Programmatic Display
  • Native Advertising to Circumvent Ad Blockers
  • Display Ads
  • Digital Radio
  • Visibility

Panelists: Gray Lawry, VP Strategy and Insights, Miles Partnership; Brandon Mallory, Director of Paid Media, Ad Workshop; Josh Williams, Digital Marketing Director, Visibility and Conversions

Josh Williams
Brandon Mallory
Gray Lawry

Track 1: How to Replace Website Traffic Lost to Google and Facebook Algorithm Changes

For many tourism marketers website traffic has been the most important benchmark of digital effectiveness. But how does one go about replacing SEO traffic that is now directed to Google’s own products? A panel of experts discuss suggested tactics. Panel Moderator: Will Seccombe, former CEO, Visit Florida and Founder, Revolution Strategy; Laszlo Horvath, President, ActiveMedia; James Zale, Vice President, Digital Strategy, Visit Philadelphia; Jason Hackett, CEO, Brier Katama

Jason Hackett
James Zale
Will Seccombe
Laszlo Horvath

Track 1: Bring New Life to Your Co-op Programs

Learn how to create opportunities for downstream partners that leverage larger umbrella brand programs to drive measurable results in customer acquisition, content engagement, and bookings. Presenter: Tania Leichliter, President, AdGenuity Marketing Solutions

Tania Leichliter

Track 1: Will 2017 be the Year of the Re-Targeter?

After someone visits your FB page there are an array of new tools to retarget them with the purpose of continued engagement or drive them further down the path to conversion. Presenters: Dave Serino, Founder and Strategist, TwoSix Digital

David Serino

Track 1: Differentiating Among the Various ROI Data Tools for DMOs: Adara, Arrivalist, Sojern

Sometimes the essence of various solutions gets lost and it’s hard to understand the underlying factors that fundamentally distinguish among vendors offering RIO solutions. Presenter: Gray Lawry, VP Strategy and Insights, Miles Partnership

Gray Lawry

Track 1: ROI Parade: What’s the Right ROI Cocktail for Your Funders?

We invite three leading purveyors of ROI solutions to a bake-off pitching single source attribution vs. multi-source attribution. (Sponsored by U.S. Travel Association). Moderator: Will Seccombe, former CEO, Visit Florida and Founder, Revolution Strategy

What we blend into our “cocktail” for ROI.  Panelist: Robin McClain, VP Marketing and Communications, Destination DC

New content marketing strategy using Travelzoo that drove ROI to partners. Panelists: Cree Lawson, Founder and CEO, Arrivalist; Ktimene Axetell, Director, Digital Strategy, Amelia Island CVB 

Social Media ROI. Panelists: David Reichbach, Director of Data Security and Analytics, Destination Analysts

Ktimene Axetell
David Reichbach
Robin McClain
Cree Lawson
Will Seccombe

Track 1: Draw Them a Picture- The Benefits of Visualizing Your Data with Infographics and Storytelling

Designing infographics that tell your story to management and funders in a simple and visual way. Presenter: John T. Meyer, CEO/Co-Founder, Lemonly

John T. Meyer

Track 1: Advanced Facebook/Instagram Marketing: Advanced Targeting Techniques, Features and Tools Tourism Marketers Need to Create Great Content

Newest targeting technology offered by the primary platforms: Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Snapchat. Presenter: Adam Gerston, Sr. VP – Client Partnerships, HYFN

Adam Gerston

Track 1: How is Data Driven Storytelling Like Attending a Cocktail Party?

Catlyn Origitano, Phd, Senior Content Marketing Manager, Sojern, will show how spreadsheets filled with boring numbers can be used to tell a fascinating story about how a traveler booked their trip and reveal the places where digital advertising can have the most impact.

Catlyn Origitano, Phd

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