Track 2: Visual Story Telling – eTourism Labs
March 14 - 15, 2017

Track 2: Visual Story Telling

14 Mar 2017

Track 2 – VISUAL STORY TELLING (a.k.a. Video Marketing)

(Tentative Agenda, Subject to Change. Last update 3/10/17. (i) = Invited speaker, not yet confirmed.)

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Continental networking breakfast

Track 2: The Latest Trends and Tribulations in Visual Storytelling

With all stages of funnel turning to visual elements – video, images, animations – we provide an overview and context of what’s working for tourism marketers. Presenter: AJ Kinney, Director of DMO Partnerships, Matador Network

A.J. Kinney

Track 2: Top Videos by Budget Size

Video creation doesn’t have to be expensive to be good. Here we present videos developed all-in for three specific budget levels.

  • Under $5,000 – Adam Johnson, Director of Marketing, Visit St. Paul 
  • Under $15,000 – Rachel Riley, Editor & Content Manager, Visit Bucks County
  • Under $50,000 – Norm Dwyer, Web Manager, Montana Tourism


Rachel Riley
Norm Dwyer
Adam Johnson

Track 2: New Strategies for Video Distribution That Won’t Break Your Budget

Video distribution at three budget levels:

  • Boosting a video on Facebook for under $1,000 – Florian Herrmann, CEO, HMS Global
  • Utilizing a variety of distribution outlets for under $25,000 – Anthony Bocquentin, President, Barberstock Systems
  • How Destination DC partnered with Chefsfeed to create a culinary video series filled with great stories easy to digest. – Andrew O’Connor, Senior Manager, Content Marketing, Destination DC


Andrew O’Connor
Anthony Bocquentin
Florian Herrmann

Track 2: Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat vs. Periscope vs. Facebook Live

With all of the live video options available, which channel do you choose to tell your story digitally? Presenter: Dana Schmidt, Director of Social Media, Visit Philadelphia

Dana Schmidt

Track 2: Finding Distribution Partners Who Need Your Content More than Your Money

Let’s face it, no matter how good your video is it is highly likely that it will not go viral. So part of your distribution strategy should be finding partners in need of your content. Presenters: Fynn Glover, CEO, RootsRated

Fynn Glover

Track 2: How We Track ROI on Our Video Marketing

What constitutes conversion? Are there ways pixel pages containing videos to track whether they lead to a sale or a booking or other KPI? Presenter: Dave Serino, Founder and CEO, TwoSix Digital

David Serino

Track 2: The Buzzfeed Effect: Buzzfeed as a Video Distribution Partner

Piggybacking off the creativity and distribution of massive media brand. $100,000. Presenter: Jason Nadel, Client Services Manager, Buzzfeed

Jason Nadel

Track 2: New Strategies to Use Live Video for Maximum Impact

What’s the difference between Periscope, Lifestream, and Facebook Live? Broadcast live events, tours, backstage looks at your attraction or destination, and Facebook Live sends notifications to your followers. It’s completely free – for now. Presenter: Katya Varbanova, Live Video Strategist, Peri10K (Katya is a London-based streaming video for business strategist who will be joining us via Skype)

Katya Varbanova

Track 2: Storytelling in 360˚ Video and VR

Is innovation being driven primarily by early adopters and technologists and gamers? How does one add narrative elements that are currently absent in many VR videos? Presenter: Richard Schmitz, Virtual Reality Expert,

Richard Schmitz

Track 2: Paid Tactics on Snapchat

From geofilters to social media influencers, where to spend your marketing dollars on Snapchat. Presenter: Dana Schmidt, Director of Social Media, Visit Philadelphia

Dana Schmidt

Track 2: Grab Them in the First 3 Seconds

Examples of tourism videos that captivate the viewer’s attention in the first 3-5 seconds because intense competition means the key is to immediately capture their attention before they scroll down. Presenters include: John Gardner, President, Luckie

John Gardner

Track 2: How Atlantic City Created a Video Podcast

Presenter: Karina Anthony, Director of Marketing, Meet AC

Karina Anthony


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