March 15: General Session – eTourism Labs
March 14 - 15, 2017

March 15: General Session

15 Mar 2017


Continental networking breakfast


The Theory of Evolution – eTourism Style

Exploring how the following have evolved over the past 5 years: SEO/SEM, email marketing, social media marketing, website design, influencer marketing, Google Analytics, video marketing, data/analytics, and the travel vertical departments of Facebook, Google and Twitter.

 (Tentative Agenda, Subject to Change.  Last update 3/10/17. (i) = Invited speaker, not yet confirmed.)

Unforeseen Perils of Success

Visit Florida’s strategy drove visitation international and out-of-state visitors 82 million in 2010 to over 106 million over a six year period of record visitation. While delivering results by operating as a private business, distrust of government in an election year can place even the most successful private/public partnerships under the microscope of bureaucratic scrutiny that can use programs such as Florida’s Pit Bull influencer campaign as scapegoats that resulted in the resignations of three top senior executives, including Seccombe. Presenter: Will Seccombe, former CEO of Visit Florida, now founder, Revolution Strategy, will share what his insights about what DMO’s of all sizes need to focus on for success in the future.

Will Seccombe

The Future of Digital TV

An overview of “addressable” tv, which offers new targeting capabilities beyond conventional demographics and day parts. Presenter: Randy Cooke, VP Programmatic, SpotX

Randy Cooke

Introducing the Latest Influencer Marketing Trend

Small is Big – Scaling a Collection of Low-Cost Micro-Influencers to Reach Your Targets Efficiently. Forget the Kardashians and Lady Gaga, we’re going to show you how to work with low-cost travel micro-influencers with granular audiences you can count on. Presenter: Roger Wu, Co-Founder, Cooperatize

Roger Wu

Innovative Methods for Measuring the Effectiveness of DMO Websites and Takeaways From Year-long Co-Op Website User and Conversion Studies

Presenter: David Reichbach, Director of Data Security and Analytics, Destination Analysts

David Reichbach

Overview of Most Important “New Media” Companies

An overview of: Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Vice, Thrillist and others and how they can be of use to tourism marketers. Presenters: Jen Winston, Associate Creative Director, Edelman; Jason Nadel, Client Services Manager, Buzzfeed

Jason Nadel
Jen Winston

New Media Companies Covering Travel

How tourism marketers are using new media outlets such as The Onion and Thrillist as content marketing partners that offer creative and distribution. Presenter: Joe Fullman, VP Marketing, The Onion

Joe Fullman

Advance Facebook/Instagram Advertising

Level-up your social media and advertising with the latest tools and techniques as a former member of Facebook and Twitter’s Travel Vertical takes you through what’s new with each platform. Presenter: Jason Hackett, CEO and Founder, Brier Katama

Jason Hackett

Luncheon Sponsored by Expedia Media Solutions

The Traveler’s Path to Purchase: Insights into the Booking Decisions of American, British and Canadian Travelers.
Presenter: Derek Price, Director, Media Sales – North America / East, Expedia Media Solutions

Sponsored by Expedia Media Solutions


Derek Price

Five DMO Websites that Deliver Superior Visual Experiences

What are the key elements that create visual experiences on DMO websites? How destinations can become “visual influencers” by adding specific UGC content to their sites. Presenter: Dan Holowack, Founder and CEO, Crowdriff

Dan Holowack

Personalization Trends

A panel of experts discuss three different approaches to personalization for your website, your content and your email. Presenter: Tom Coburn, CEO, Jebbit

Tom Coburn

Using the E-mail Subject Line to Brand Your Company

The do’s and don’ts of subject line creative that add to your awareness branding whether they open or not. Using a case study, we’ll test three e-mails shots. Presenter: Korena Keys, CEO, KeyMedia Solutions

Korena Keys

Social Media Posts with the Most Shares Analyzed by a Panel of Experts

How would agencies, attractions and  DMO dissect a range of posts and determine why certain posts were shared more than others? Presenters: Jason Hackett, CEO, Brier Katana; AJ Kinney, Director of DMO Partnerships, Matador Network (i); Elizabeth Piper, Social Media Strategist, Sparkloft Media (i)

Jason Hackett

Bright Shiny New Objects

We scour the landscape to identify and recruit the most promising new products, tools and apps for destination and attraction marketers and place them in a “Shark Tank” format.

Presenters: Matt Peters, Co-Founder, Pandemic Labs; Richard Schmitz, Virtual Reality Expert, YouVisit

Matt Peters
Richard Schmitz